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Exterior Painting

The prep work is 75% of a job. And unless handled properly, the final coat of paint will inevitably fail sooner than expected and cost the homeowner more money.These are just some of the ways B & H Painting and Decorating painters prepare many of the different surfaces on the exterior of your home:

  • We provide all paint and materials
  • Full area wash prior to painting
  • Scrape and feather sand all peeling paint areas.
  • Prime all bare wood
  • Galvanized metal primer on all bare metal surfaces
  • TSP (Tri-sodium Phosphate) on mildew or moss areas
  • Wire brush flaking of deteriorating paint
  • Caulk small cracks around windows and doors
  • Caulk seams in fascia boards
  • Pressure Washing chalking surfaces or decks

Exterior Protection:

Masking all windows and doors, protection of shrubbery, landscaping and walkways.

Prime/Paint Siding and Trim:

Spray, roll and hand brushwork as indicated and necessary.

Clean Up / Final Inspection:

Our clean up and final inspection help set us apart from other Kelowna Painting contractors and companies.

  • Performed each day and upon completion of the job
  • Plant beds cleaned and paint chips removed
  • Outdoor fixtures & furniture left as we found them
  • All trash is removed from site
  • At the end of the project, everything will be as clean or cleaner than we found it.

Final Inspection

  • Our painting crew will do a final inspection on their own to ensure that all work and cleanup is complete
  • Then our owners and painters will ask the customer to inspect the job and any areas of concern will be noted and taken care of
  • Touch-up paint is labeled & left with the customer